High Pressure Filters

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Hochdruckfilter 130032.A
Hochdruckfilter 130032.A
Hochdruckfilter 130032.A


High Pressure Filter 130032.A

Cartridge filter with manual or automatical switching

  • Can be backflushed manually or automatically
  • Double filter
  • Max. 350 bar operating pressure permissible
  • Filter ratings 25 µm and 50 µm
  • Manometer optional top or front
  • Easy maintenance   

Areas of application

The filter is used both as an individual filter and in mining machines for filtering water and hydraulic fluid.

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Product description

Product description

The filter housing contains two filter elements, through which the fluid flows in parallel during regular filtering operation, allowing high flow performance to be achieved with the least possible loss in pressure. The filter is backflushed via a double solenoid valve to be mounted in the filter head. The backflushing is best triggered automatically by electrical activation of the double solenoid valve; there is also the option of manual triggering directly on the valve. With backflushing, the dirt held back by the filter elements is drained out of the filter interior via two separate filter outlets. The filter elements are always backflushed alternately, so fluid continues to be filtered during the process.

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Technical data

Filter characteristics

Max. operating pressure 350 bar
Max. operating temperature 80° C
Design of filter element Slotted tube and Laminate
Material Filter housing: Stainless steel
Filter element: Stainless steel
Weight approx. 56 kg

Item numbers

The article number depends on connections and valves in accordance with the customer's wish.

Filter ratings Filter elements
25 µm Laminate 50.130033 020
50 µm Slotted tube 50.130033 010

Other filter ratings and designs are available as the customer desires.

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