process water!

FIRON converts dirty service water into clean process water - without the addition of chemicals! 

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The multi-filter has 20% more open surface area and cleans more thoroughly than conventional filters; the cylinders can be exchanged individually if required.

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Backflush filter

Everything is possible!

The backflush filter 130035 offers flexibility in applications. Water, hydraulic fluid and even oils are thoroughly cleaned and the machine system is protected.

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Filter Element


Lengths and the material are selected depending on the area of application: slotted tube, laminate or our newly developed wing blades.

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Research and development

Vibrations catch dirt particles

Sometimes, SEETECH's engineers are even supported by the Institute for Aerospace and Spaceflight of Braunschweig Technical University, as was the case with our wing blade element. Its individual, stacked disks have the cross section of a wing, and with their large surface area vibrations cause them to capture more dirt particles than on a slotted tube element.

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The Seetech company

"Improvement is always possible!"

Seetech GmbH is achieving solid improvements to the cleanliness and user-friendliness of its filter products, whether it be the easy-change inline filter, the element of which can be removed and exchanged simply with a screwdriver, the multi-element which features 3 cartridges that enormously enlarge the filter surface.

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