High Pressure Filters

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High Pressure Filter 130108A
High Pressure Filter 130108A
High Pressure Filter 130108A


High pressure filter 130108A

Cartridge filter with manual or automatic switch-over. The double filter can be configured according to customer specifications.

manual or automatic backwash (depending on customer requirements)
max. 350 bar operating pressure permissible
Filter finenesses from 25 µm
easy handling
easy to maintain
small and powerful
latest technology, compact and powerful

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Product description

Product description

The filter housing contains two filter elements, which are flown through in parallel during regular filter operation, so that a high flow rate can be achieved with the lowest possible pressure loss.

The backwashing process is preferably triggered automatically by means of electrical control of the double solenoid valve; in addition, it is possible to trigger it manually directly at the valve.

By backwashing, the contamination retained by the filter elements is discharged from the inside of the filter via two separate filter outlets. Backwashing of the filter elements always takes place alternately, so that even during the backwashing process the medium is made available to the consumer without interrupting the filtration process.

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Technical Data

Technical data

Filter rating 25 µm - 500 µm
Medium to be filtered water, HFA, oil (hydraulic, lubricating and cutting oil), flame retardant low
viscosity liquids
Flow rate 118 g/min
Max. permissible operating temperature 80 °C/176 °F
Max. operating pressure 5076 psi
Design of filter elements laminated
Filter elements two separate
Nominal inlet and outlet width selectable
Nominal backwash width selectable
Weight approx. 21 kg
Material stainless steel
Dimensions 210 x 200 x 100 mm