Water treatment plants

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Wasserfilter Firon


Water Filter Firon

Backflush filter - pure process water - without metals

  • pure, soft water
  • perfect for the HFA-mixture
  • Elimination of metals
  • Fine filtration up to 1 μm
  • Green technology – no chemicals
  • Easy maintenace
  • Simple operation
  • Concentrate savings
  • Protection against pitting
  • Pressures up to 30 bar and higher if necessary
  • Flow rate up to 300l / min
  • Protection of high pressure pumps and valves of walking pit systems

Areas of application

FIRON converts dirty service water into clean process water - without the addition of chemicals! Its backwash capability ensures high availability and no running costs.

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Product description

Product description

SEETECH's classic backflushing double filter starts the process of water purification. The crude dirt is mechanically filtered from the process water, the solid particles are stopped and removed via the backwashing. Filter elements made of stainless steel ensure the prefiltration of the process water in the fineness range of 25 μm - 100 μm.

Filter granules as a newly used medium not only removes the last solid particles to a size of 1 micron, they also convert solutes heavy metals like lead, copper and zinc, as well as iron, manganese, arsenic, etc. into solids. In addition, all microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi are eliminated by the strong oxidizing effect. Regular backflushing remains the oxidizing effect of the granules.

Another catalyst granulate forces the carbon dioxide dissolved in the water to gas out, leaving behind the hardness firmly bound in calcite clusters. The process water has been converted into a PH neutral process water. This process has two more advantages: it reduces the contents of carbonic acid it binds calcium carbonate. It can no longer cause deposits.

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Technical data

Filter characteristics

Max. operating pressure 30 bar
Design of filter media Granules
Material filter housing Stainless steel


The dimension results of the needed flow rate. 

Max. flow rate approx. L x W x H
30l/m - 2 tanks 1370mm x 776mm x 1755mm
50l/m - 2 tanks 1350mm x 830mm x 2015mm
150l/m - 7 tanks 3030mm x 830mm x 2015mm

Other versions are available on customer request.

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