From mining to outer space

Founded in 2008 by Ingo Seebach, right from its founding moment SEETECH GmbH has epitomized the interplay between practical applications and the engineering arts. 

Ingo Seebach grew up imbibing the topic of filtration in his father's company, so it was an obvious step for him to focus his university study on process engineering and filtration. Combined with the practical expertise of Günther Macholz, new developments have been part of our company philosophy right from the word go.

As a specialist in electrohydraulic systems and mechanical engineering, Günther Macholz has ridden to the rescue underground many times. If work at a face comes to a halt, this represents a financial disaster for any mining company, and in these emergency situations Günther Macholz was often the only person capable of getting the face working again. He joined the company soon after it was established, and as the Division Manager Mining of Seetech GmbH he has been responsible for individual consulting and support for our customers. In mid-2015, he masterfully took the tiller of Seetech GmbH and ensures that the interplay between different departments and disciplines sets up apart from the competition!

SEETECH GmbH has designed and optimized its filters itself ever since the company was founded. They constantly improve the user-friendliness of their products, whether this involves the easy-change inline filter, the element of which can be removed and exchanged using only a screwdriver, or the multi-element with 3 cartridges that enormously increase the surface area of the filter. Sometimes, the development engineers are also supported by the Institute for Aerospace and Spaceflight of Braunschweig Technical University, as was the case with our wing blade element. Its individual, stacked blades have a wing-shaped cross section, and with their large surface area vibrations cause them to capture more dirt particles than on a slotted tube element..

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Today the engineers are even supported by the Institute for Aerospace and Spaceflight of Braunschweig Technical University.

Günther Macholz,