Filter Elements

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Filter Element 420532.150

Filter Element for high pressure applications 

  • Max. 315 bar differential pressure permissible
  • Filter rating of 25 µm - 100 µm
  • Low flow resistance
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Corrosion resistant due to use of stainless steel

Areas of application

The filter element is installed in inline filters that are used for filtration of hydraulic fluids in high pressure applications.

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Product description

Product description

The filter element consists of a filter cylinder made up of several separate layers of mesh forming a folded mesh pack. The folding maximizes the surface area available for filtration, permitting high dirt holding capacity with the lowest possible flow resistance. The filter cylinder is fitted on an inner support cylinder which stabilizes the filter cylinder during filtering operation. The fluid being cleaned flows through the socket where it is diverted 90° through four radial holes, causing it to flow onto the filter cylinder from the outside, passing in through the filter mesh and then finally flowing out of the filter element through the bottom section.

A wide range of filter element product models ensures reliable and economical adaptation to each filtration task, and their heavy-duty construction of the filter elements guarantees maximum reliability.

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Technical data

Filter characteristics

Max. dif. pressure 315 bar
Material Stainless steel
Weight Approx. 0,2 kg

Item numbers

Filter ratings Filter elements
25 µm 4.20532.153
50 µm 4.20532.155
100 µm 4.20532.151

Other filter ratings can be supplied upon request.

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