Filter Elements

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Filterelement 130036.0700
Filterelement 130036.0700
Filterelement 130036.0700


Filter Element 130036.0700

Filter Element Y-Strainer for high pressure applications

  • Filter cartridge for the Y-Strainer
  • Max. 315 bar differential  pressure permissible
  • Filter rating 1000 µm
  • Low flow resistance
  • Corrosion resistant due to use of stainless steel

Areas of application

The filter cartridge is installed in Y-Strainers, that are used for the filtration of water in high pressure applications.

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Product description

Product descrition

The filter element consists of a cylinder frame with a filter cylinder inserted inside it. The fluid to be filtered flows into the inside of the filter element, flows through the filter mesh of the inserted filter cylinder and exits the element through the radial holes in the cylinder frame. The dirt held back by the filter mesh accumulates in the inside of the filter element and can be washed out as needed.

The heavy-duty construction of the filter elements guarantees maximum reliability.

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Technical data

Filter characteristics

Max. dif. pressure 100 bar
Material Stainless steel
Weight Approx. 0,5 kg

Item numbers

Filter rating Filter element
1000 µm 50.130036.0710

Other filter ratings are available upon request.

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