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Whether at trade shows, in discussions with customers or during dialog with universities, our engineers are always on the lookout for new ideas. In our Research and Design department, we work continuously on developing new products.

We receive funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for this. The ZIM - a central program to promote innovation in SMEs - supports our products from the first draft through to the marketable item.

Switchover Valve

OFF 4 IS 1!

SEETECH's development can replace up to 4 pre-control valves.

How it works?

The SwitchOver valve has four outputs and thus controls four control lines. Via the pressure inlet, the fluid flows into the valve and through the first outlet into the control line 1. Now the pressure drops, the valve rotates one position, the first outlet closes while the second opens. After the line pressure has been raised, the control line 2 is now flowed through. At each pressure drop, the valve rotates one position further and the next output with control line is used.


The idea has been well received by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, so we have worked together with the Central Innovation Program for SMEs.



When our engineers sit down with the engineers from the Institute for Aerospace and Spaceflight of Braunschweig Technical University to design something innovative, the result can be aerodynamics that even function underground – with the wing blade filter element!

The rules of fluid mechanics also work underground!

The WINGBLADE filter element

Its individual, stacked disks have a wing-shaped cross section, and with their large surface area vibrations cause them to capture more dirt particles than on a slotted tube element.

Advantages of the WINGBLADE filter element

  • 25% larger open filter surface area than an edge-type filter element
  • Fully automatic filtration
  • Filter fineness down to 50 µm
  • Variable in length, flow rate and fineness
  • Almost 100% cleaning during backflushing

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High pressure filter

No electricity?
No manpower?
No problem!

No problem for SEETECH's latest product. Our high pressure filter 130146 operates autonomously! The differential pressure is sufficient to trigger the backflushing procedure.

How does it work?

During normal operation, filtration takes place in the conventional way with the main element cleaning the fluid. Now the differential pressure comes into play: once a predetermined differential has been reached, which is generally between 6 bar and 30 bar, the filter automatically triggers the backflushing cycle. The fluid is cleaned by the auxiliary element while the main element is being flushed clean.

There is no interruption in ongoing operation, and nor is there any need for electricity or manpower!

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