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Mixing Unit 130168.XXXX

Mixung Unit for emulsion premixing with online-refractometer

  • Fresh water: max. 50 bar operating pressure permissible
  • Mixing ratio 0.5 % - 5 %
  • With Process refractometer for automatic measurement emulsion and concentrate fine dosing (adjustable)
  • Ready for connection and electrically wired
  • Compact, sturdy construction on a steel sheet base frame

Areas of application

The mixing station is used for producing emulsion (HFA), consisting of water and concentrate.

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Product description

Product description

The mixing station is supplied through an inlet connection with clean water, which flows into the injector after being cleaned by an upstream water filter. This injector uses negative pressure to draw in concentrate through a separate inlet. The two fluids are joined in the injector's mixing chamber so they can then be completely mixed by being swirled together in the mixing tube.

A throttle valve can be used to adjust the amount of concentrate flowing to the injector so that the resulting emulsion concentration is adapted to the required operating conditions.

Refractometer measurement and postdosing: Refractometer measurement and postdosing:   The electro-pump is automatically switched on at the adjustable rhythm via the integrated electro-control. It sucks for a short time out of the emulsion tank   operating emulsion and promotes the liquid through the process refractometer. The existing mixing ratio is measured automatically. If this measurement shows that the preset concentration value (minimum protection against corrosion and wear) does not exist, concentrate is pumped automatically. This process is repeated until the required concentrate value is reached. 

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Technical data

Mixing Unit

Max. operating pressure 50 bar
Mixing ratio* 0,5 % - 5 %
Mixing accuracy +/- 5 %
Connections Fresh water: DN25
Concentrate: DN20/ DN10
Weight ca. 125 kg
Dimensions Width: 1500 mm
Height: 800 mm
Depth: 300 mm

Other versions can be supplied upon request.

* The mixing ratio varies depending on the flow pressure of the water, the setting of the throttle valve, and the viscosity of the concentrate used.