Inline Filters

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Y-Strainer 130164.0000
Y-Strainer 130164.0000
Y-Strainer 130164.0000


Y-Strainer 130164.0000

Nominal diameter DN19

  • Max. 350 bar operating pressure permissible
  • Filter rating 1000 µm
  • Option: Additional shut-off valve
  • Possibility to clean during operation
  • Exchangeable filter element

Areas of application

The Y-strainer is used for removing coarse dirt in the filtration of water.

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Product description

Product description

The fluid being cleaned flows through the filter mesh of the filter element, which is inserted in the filter housing diagonal to the direction of flow and secured by a SteckO staple. The filter element collects coarse dirt and can be exchanged after removing the SteckO staple once the appropriate degree of contamination is reached.

By using the shut-off valve the filter can be cleaned during operation.

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Technical data

Filter characteristics

Max. operating pressure 350 bar
Nominal diameter In/ Out DN19
Cleaning outlet DN10
Material Stainless steel
Weight approx. 3,4 kg

Item numbers

Filter rating Filter incl. element Filter element
1000 µm 50.130036.0700 50.130164.0010
Filter rating Filter incl. shut-off valve  
1000 µm 50.130164.0110  

Other filter ratings and designs are available as the customer desires.

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